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Alcohol Rehab

"Rehab" in our modern era conjures a revolving-door image triggered by sensational stories of Hollywood stars floating in and out of expensive rehabilitation facilities. For most people, however, rehab is a vital link in a recovery process leading to a new life free of alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehab does not need to be a repeated or hopeless process; for thousands, all it takes is one determined effort and a good alcohol rehab center or program to dump the bottle for good.

Successful alcohol rehabilitation begins with detoxification and ends with the alcoholic sober for life. The entire process is best managed by professionals; simply joining Alcoholics Anonymous is not enough. To truly rid himself of alcohol, an addict must eliminate both the physical craving and the emotional dependency that alcohol inflicts on abusers. Alcohol rehab deals with both. Detoxification weans the body off of alcohol by flushing out all the residual traces of it and dealing with the physical damage it may have inflicted. This is done under close medical supervision, because usually it involves substituting certain types of drugs over the short term to ease the body’s cravings while the alcohol is removed. A rehab center is the best place for this, either on an inpatient or outpatient basis, where professionals can monitor the process and observe and treat any adverse effects.

Alcohol rehab also involves a transformative process, a makeover of the individual’s entire lifestyle and attitude toward alcohol. Counseling is part of this. As the alcoholic begins to lose the physical dependency, the emotional need must be addressed, to help the person understand where the need for alcohol came from in the first place. There are usually feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse which must be addressed, for the damage inflicted by alcoholism is seldom limited to the alcoholic alone. The upheaval in personal lives, careers, and families is often widespread and lasting, not to mention that the physical damage on the body can affect the rest of the person’s life and must be dealt with.

Behavior modification and self-transformation are an essential part of any alcohol rehab program. Rebuilding self-esteem lost to the bottle is often an impossible task for the alcoholic by himself. Reintegrating into the same society that formerly he or she could not face without a drink is a daunting prospect which rehab centers and their trained staff are equipped to help with. Alcohol rehabilitation teaches the recovering alcoholic to understand the environmental factors that drove a desire to drink and to handle those things without resorting to alcohol. This mind-body-spirit approach has proven very successful in alcohol rehabilitation and treatment for thousands of people.

Do not approach alcohol rehab as a necessary evil. Look at it as a doorway to a different life, a life chosen, not inflicted by alcohol addiction. Most importantly, don’t approach it with the notion that it must be done alone. It is much better, for your physical and emotional health, to seek professional help from experienced professionals who really know how to break the hold of the bottle forever.

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