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West Virginia Drug Detox Center And Alcohol Detox Programs | Drug Detoxification and Alcohol Detox Centers, Programs and Treatment Resources

Alcoholism has long been a specter stalking the hills of West Virginia. More recently, the state has acquired the unhappy distinction of recording the highest per-capita number of methadone-related deaths of any state. Its college campuses are seeing an uptick in club drugs; marijuana is widely abused statewide. And one of the fastest-growing problems in West Virginia is the rampant abuse of prescription drugs. The addictive qualities of modern painkillers and sleep aids lead many unwary people into the drug trap; others abuse them for fun and for their ability to boost the effect of other drugs.

However anyone arrives at drug or alcohol addiction, it is wisest to seek help as early as possible. A fairly widespread network of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment facilities in West Virginia is available to help combat the problem. Not all offer the same type or scope of services, so individuals seeking treatment should evaluate all the local options and keep looking if they do not seem to address the type or depth of your particular problem.

For reasons of convenience or cost, most families will look first at drug and alcohol treatment centers in West Virginia, but they should make sure that the local facility offers a comprehensive course of treatment. The level of experience with the particular problem as well as the funding and staffing level should also be factors considered when choosing treatment centers. Meth addiction cannot and should not be treated the same as an alcohol problem; clinics that tout some universal method of approaching addiction should be avoided.

Many factors go into addiction: the availability of alcohol or drugs, the personality of the addict, the life circumstances and stressors that pressure the person to drink or pop pills. For this reason, any respectable rehab facility tailors its programs to each individual, and for this reason, families should consider all options for treatment. Quite often, addicts find it impossible to focus on recovery when confronting the demands of school, job, or family. The strains put on relationships and the emotional damage done to all concerned by the addiction may mean that the best way to begin recovery is within the walls of a facility dedicated to 24/7 addiction treatment. An addict removed from daily distractions has a far better chance to recover, whether the rehab center is located in West Virginia or somewhere else.

Whichever drug or alcohol treatment center you choose, make sure it offers end-to-end care. Detoxification and management of the ugly symptoms of withdrawal is just the beginning. It must be followed by intensive counseling and behavioral therapy to help the addict face up to the addiction and learn to live without the crutch of alcohol or drugs. If the rehab center offers family outreach programs and classes in nutrition and fitness, even better. Addiction affects the mind, the body, and the spirit.

For families across West Virginia, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment centers offer a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation. But they can’t help if you don’t call. Call.

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