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Maine Drug Detox Center And Alcohol Detox Programs | Drug Detoxification and Alcohol Detox Centers, Programs and Treatment Resources

Maine sits astride the New England Pipeline for drug smuggling out of Canada. Its forests host a large number of marijuana operations that contribute to marijuana being the most widely-abused drug in the state. Maine’s drug laws are punitive, so families should be proactive in seeking help for any suspected drug abuse, because there really are no minor drug problems. Marijuana has been proven to be a gateway drug to hard-core addiction to a variety of other substances including cocaine and heroin.

Drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation centers in Maine are available for families confronting the problem of substance abuse. Most larger communities have at least one mental health clinic, counseling program, or drug and alcohol treatment center. However, Maine residents should take note that it is Maine’s rural areas that are most at risk. The rate of teen drug and alcohol abuse in rural Maine is double the state average. No Maine family can consider itself immune from the possibility of someday having to educate themselves on the relative merits of drug and alcohol treatment centers and programs.

Detox centers, mental health clinics, alcohol recovery centers—the array of available programs can be intimidating and the terminology bewildering. Whether you are looking for a drug treatment program in Maine or anywhere else, make sure of some basic qualifications before you commit yourself or a loved one to its care:

Comprehensive approach: Detoxification alone, the process of removing drug toxins from the body, may stop the physical cravings but it cannot eliminate the emotional dependency. A drug and alcohol rehab program must offer a well-rounded course of treatment that includes counseling and behavior modification as well as detox.

Inpatient care: Not every facility is equipped to house patients through withdrawal or to offer residential programs, which are often the most effective in turning an addict’s life around. If the center you are evaluating needs to farm out its detox program or only offers outpatient programs, it can seriously degrade the continuity of care most patients need.

Wellness programs: Drug and alcohol abuse take a terrible toll on the addict’s body. Good rehab facilities offer instruction in nutrition and fitness as well as experienced medical staff who can heal the patient’s body along with his mind.

Family outreach: The “whole family” approach to drug and alcohol treatment is much more effective than just treating the addict, for his problem affects everyone around him.

Maine families prefer to seek treatment in Maine. Drug and alcohol treatment centers are often more effective, however, when they can remove the addict completely from the old, enabling environment. The local Maine community may not offer a program of this type. It is worth exploring other options, because separating an addict from all of the factors that drove him to reach for the bottle is often a requirement before any self-transformation to a new attitude toward drugs or alcohol can begin.

Even in quiet Maine, drug and alcohol treatment rehabilitation has become a stark necessity for many families. But even here, all it takes to begin is a phone call.

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