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One of the less fortunate trends in trendy Portland, Oregon is the growing number of illegal raves and clubs attracting young people—and the drug dealers who love to sell them club drugs and every other sort of illegal substance. Oregon is a stop along the drug pipeline from Canada, so there is no shortage of drugs of every description, including marijuana grown illegally in the state’s vast National Forests. Oregon families across the state are exposed daily to a problem most probably associated with inner cities back east. Many find themselves in urgent need of information about drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment centers in Oregon.

Oregon, with its wide open spaces and population concentrated on the west side of the state, has an uneven network of rehab facilities, but most larger communities do have some level of drug and alcohol treatment. Families should educate themselves both on identifying the signs of abuse, and on their options if they find themselves hunting a drug or alcohol treatment program. Choosing the right one for any particular substance abuse problem can be confusing in itself.

Understand that willpower alone is seldom enough to break an addiction. The chemical effect on the brain is profound. Families should seek professional help for any addiction, and work hard to find a rehab center with the correct mix of experience, staff, and facilities to manage the entire recovery process. Shuffling around from program to program, from detox center to mental health clinic, is much less likely to produce a positive outcome than simply finding a well-run and adequately equipped treatment center to start with.

Most people think they must or should seek treatment close to home, but Oregon drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment centers are just the first among many options to evaluate. Sometimes it is necessary to remove an addict from the daily stress and distractions of work and family life and the temptations of known local drug sources to really begin the recovery process. This might involve inpatient care at a local Oregon rehab facility or one outside the community. Inpatient care is often required at least through the withdrawal and detoxification stage of recovery, so you should start by finding out if the local treatment center can handle this or whether it must outsource to a local hospital. Continuity of care is important, so try to find a center that can do it all.

What constitutes “all”? There are three main elements to treating any addiction: detox, counseling, and behavior modification. If the clinic focuses only on detox, it does not address the emotional aspect of addiction. If it focuses solely on counseling, it is not addressing the physical debilitation experienced by many addicts. And if it does not offer therapy to help the addict break the pattern of self-destructive behavior, it cannot expect any happy long-term result.

You may have to travel to find the right drug and alcohol treatment center in Oregon, but you will never find it if you don’t start looking, and the sooner, the better.

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