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South Carolina Drug Detox Center And Alcohol Detox Programs | Drug Detoxification and Alcohol Detox Centers, Programs and Treatment Resources

The Palmetto State is located along the drug corridor running the length of the eastern seaboard. That means that even in the rural areas of the state, drugs of all sorts are freely available. It might surprise many families to learn that crack cocaine, club drugs like Ecstasy, and deliberate abuse of prescription drugs top the list of drug problems in South Carolina, and are by no means limited to the state’s larger cities. A hazard could be lurking in your medicine cabinet, or at the party your child is attending tonight.

For decades, people have thought of addiction and alcoholism as a somewhat shameful problem that could be cured if the addict just had sufficient willpower. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Modern drugs are so unbelievably addictive, and the chemical effect on the brain is so profound, that kicking a habit on willpower alone is nearly impossible. Fortunately for residents of South Carolina, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment facilities are fairly common statewide, and professional help for the pernicious problems of drug abuse and alcoholism is literally just a phone call away.

Most larger communities in South Carolina host some type of drug or alcohol rehab program or treatment center. However, your local program may or may not offer the type and scope of services required to deal with your particular problem. Many times, professional intervention is required to get an addict to seek help at all. Does your local clinic have the time and staff to offer this service? Does it focus solely on detoxification, helping an addict or alcohol through the painful symptoms of withdrawal? Is it a mental health clinic offering only counseling services? Is its program split between the local hospital and some other clinic? Outpatient programs offered piecemeal seldom provide the continuity of care or level of attention required to keep a recovering addict on track to achieve the magic goal of “clean for life.”

For families in South Carolina, drug and alcohol rehabilitation may mean looking beyond the local community. An inpatient facility really does offer the best chance for jump starting recovery. An addict stuck in the old rut of work stress, family concerns, and enabling friends happy to buy him a drink or a joint has little chance to focus on recovery or break the pattern of abuse. Total removal from distractions into an environment focused on teaching him how to live without the crutch of pills and booze is usually the best and kindest way to effect a permanent change. Inpatient care may also be a requirement from a simple health standpoint. Addiction takes a terrible toll on the body, requiring medical care to treat the side effects and education to relearn a healthy lifestyle.

If your local South Carolina drug and alcohol treatment center does not offer a rounded course of detox, counseling, and behavior modification, keep looking for one that does. The last thing you want is for “rehab” to become a revolving door.

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